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United States Coast Guard
Washington, DC
  A unique online boating accident statistics modeling tool developed for the United States Coast Guard.
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Simon Jewelers
High Point, NC
  A complete network infrastructure with audio, digital signage, LAN network and servers.
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We are dedicated software developers with a love of technology solutions. Notice we didn't say we were technology lovers, but rather technology solution lovers. What's the difference? A lot.

Technology solutions are ways of solving problems, using a minimum of technology. Technology solutions aren't always flashy (but if the solution to the problem is flashiness, then they'll be flashy!) and they aren't always cutting edge. Why? Because they always don't have to be. That's the difference.

Technology for technology's sake is just silly. In fact, this approach often causes more problems than solutions.

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Building a Website with FourthFactor
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Application Development
Small Business Networking
Website Development
Custom Business Tools
Graphic Design
BullsEye Marketing
Remote Office Connectivity
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