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United States Coast Guard
Washington, DC
  A unique online boating accident statistics modeling tool developed for the United States Coast Guard.
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Simon Jewelers
High Point, NC
  A complete network infrastructure with audio, digital signage, LAN network and servers.
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Started in 1997, FourthFactor was originally named jcSystems, Inc. In the early days we offered basic website development and multimedia presentations. Shortly after beginning, we found basic websites had several problems:

  • Websites were bland and limited creatively
  • Websites were little more than glorified brochures offering no tools to users
  • Websites were costly to update

So, greatly ahead of the curve (before Google, Netflix, or Priceline - heck, eBay was just a baby), we started developing websites with flair, features and tools for visitors and site owners. We were developing sites with administrative tools for maintaining content, dynamically driving data from database servers, and providing users advanced tools to make the sites useful.

We also expanded our services to offer desktop applications from reporting and data analysis tools for businesses to kiosk systems. Even a statistics tool for the United States Coast Guard.

In early 2000, we expanded our offerings yet again to include traditional design work. Our clients found that our creative talents often exceeded those of their ad agencies. So, to better serve our clients, we began to provide full service design work for not only the web but for traditional print media.

During that time period, we began having a dilema with many new clients. While building them powerful desktop and web-based tools, we often needed to connect to their company databases (accounting, employees, point of sales). Unfortunately, many of our customers didn't have the infrastructure to do this. Recognizing the significant need, we started our latest service division - IT Infrastructure Services. We were now providing networking, workstation, and similar installation and support services.

In 2006, recognizing how these three divisions (Creative, Development, and IT Infrastructure) worked together, we started the process of creating a company image that reflect this "harmony" of services. We understood that the tight integration of these divisions was a significant factor in our ability to help our clients achieve their goals. While each of these three services were important, the most important and "fourth factor" was their harmonious integration. So, in 2007, we officially rebranded to FourthFactor.

Today, we continue to offer exciting and new services to our customers and nourish the growth of our talent base and customer base.

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