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Customer: Foreign Accents
Project: Targeted Reminder Postcards
Database driven reminders
Personalized visuals & message
Predictive timing

Foreign Accents is an automotive service & repair facility with over thirty years of operation. With a large customer base, they had an excellent opportunity to better serve their customers using reminders for upcoming service and inspection needs.

We developed a series of postcards which were personalized to each customer. For example, on the service reminder card, customers are sent postcards with these personalizations:

  • Customer Name
  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • Estimated Mileage based on recorded mileage habits
  • Graphical odometer with estimated mileage

The series of postcards are designed to boost Foreign Accent's sales to their existing customers and to expand their customer base by using the power of personalization and timely deliver. The postcards they use are:

  • Welcome To the Area - sent to new residents in the area
  • Welcome New Customer - A thank you sent to new customers
  • Inspection Reminders - State inspection reminders
  • Maintenance Reminders - Mileage based maintenance service reminders
  • Oil Change Reminders - Mileage based oil service reminders
  • We've Missed You - A "miss you as a customer" card sent to customers who've been absent

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