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Customer: Nashville Visitors Bureau
Project: Nashville Vacation Guide - Website
Guided suggestions
Customized, personal guide to Nashville
Complete backend administrative tools

Like many large cities, Nashville has numerous attractions and points of interest - not to mention music! Unfortunately, they have so many items to talk about, their website was very difficult to navigate. User's were forced to dig thru the massive amounts of content for each area they were researching. In other words, they had to perform one search for dining, click around the site for golfing information, and then try and locate music attractions. And it wasn't working out too well.

Our solution was to give them a front-end questionnaire that would collect all the information for them in one, easy to use, reference page. This way, user's were able to get their own custom guide to the Nashville area.

Of course there's more under the hood than just a simple form. There's data collection. Each time a user fills in a questionnaire form, their requests are stored in a high-end SQL Server database. So if someone is interested in golf, we'll know. Later, when a Pro-Am golfing tournament comes to town, an email can be sent to the visitor letting them know. This allows for highly targeted marketing.

Advanced Administration

Even more interesting, our system isn't for just a single form. Online questionnaires can be created for anything. While a guide to Nashville is very useful, it might not ask the kinds of questions to help a singer research country music recording options. Our system allows the creation of forms for golfing, business conventions, and even outdoor events - anything, in fact!

The system is completely managed online, with the following management options:

  • create new forms
  • add or update questions to existing forms
  • create display categories
  • manage data links complete with descriptions, urls, and category assignment

And, even more importantly, the data in this system is not "closed". This means that data entered in the system may be used throughout their site.


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