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Customer: United States Coast Guard Brains Project
Project: Boating Risk Analysis Information System - Website
Online Statistic Reports
National Statistical Models
Regional Statistical Models
State Statistical Models
Desktop Version Available
Simple Online Form

This project uses the massive accident database the USCG has developed to assist individuals in the boating safety field with analyzing data.

Brains uses a series of statistical models, developed for this project, which take accident types (eg drowning) and let the user analyze the relative effect of accident variables. For example, the software could compare the likelihood of an accident having been fatal if alcohol was or was not involved.

The BRAINS website, www.boatingrisk.com, describes the tool as follows:

The BRAINS software enables you to isolate the effect that an individual variable has on the probability of a specific type of accident occurring (within the universe of all reported accidents). The benefit of this software is it enables you to measure the likelihood of a reported accident either increasing or decreasing given a change in a specified variable while holding the effect of all other variables constant. Thus, BRAINS allows you to determine what variables have the greatest impact in determining the likelihood of common accident occurrences. Further, BRAINS is flexible enough to allow you to determine the likelihood of uncommon or hypothetical accident scenarios.

The website allows you to choose a model, enter values for the accident variables, and returns a probability right away. This project has saved countless users the need for independent statistical analysis efforts which smaller offices and groups simply cannot afford.

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