Development Services

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Want a custom application? Maybe add a report to your toolset. Website needs an upgrade? Development is what you need.
IT Infrastructure Services

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Installing printers, software training, or computer networking, we’ll be there when you need us.
Creative Business Services

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From graphic design for a website to traditional print advertising. If you need to look good we’ll deliver.


The key to using technology in your company is understanding technology must work in harmony with existing solutions and your needs.

At FourthFactor, we understand that your website needs to work with your backend accounting system, that your sales staff need data from your accounting systems, your marketing efforts needs customer data, and your website needs to work with your marketing. It all has to work together.

We provide three key services which ensure we are to make our solutions work for you, not the other way around.

It is the harmony between development, infrastructure, and creative services that is the FourthFactor! Learn more about harmony, how it makes us different, and makes us better.

Office Automation With our Microsoft Office Development, you'll be able to automate your workflow. Generate mailings, automate Access database entries, or provide user's with a simple to use interface to complex Excel spreadsheets. By using the power of VBA and macros for Excel, Word, and Access, we will enhance your systems.
Reporting Tools Using the data you've collected is one of the most valuable ways to leverage your technology. Our reporting tools have helped clients pull data out of systems which, while good at tracking the data, we're useless in reporting on it. We've built tools to report on inventory aging against sales trends, fuel tank levels across national locations, and cell phone usage on million-dollar-a-month bills. If you need to use your data, we can help.
Automation Tools One of the most frustrating things a business can watch happen internally is repetitive, mindless tasks being performed by staff who could (and should) be doing more meaningful and productive work. We've built tools to automate monthly accounting journals, email reminders to staff, action triggers when business conditions are met, and analysis tools that search for data.

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